Find the best compactors and recycling balers in Vermont here. Compare makes and models, services, and decide on the best for your company. Ideal for all businesses and events that want to capitalize on their recyclable waste and cut down on costs associated with storage or shipping, finding a compactor or baler is worth your time and money. 

Find and Compare the Best Equipment in Vermont

We make it easy for you to find the best balers in Vermont and compactors for sale that suit your needs and your location. Our comprehensive list of Vermont baler dealers means you won’t have to look anywhere else when looking to buy, rent, or repair recycling compactors Vermont. Simply compare and contrast nearby manufacturers and get in touch with them through us. 

Choose From Top Recycling Baler Models 

When choosing compactors in Vermont, you want a make and model that suits your needs and your budget. This can easily be deduced by getting in touch with a Vermont compactor dealer, and working with them to find the best new recycling balers Vermont has for your business. 

Some of the top models you will come across during this process are: 

  1. Closed Door Manual Tie Horizontal Balers
  2. Full Eject closed Door Manual Tie Horizontal Balers
  3. Textile Vertical Balers
  4. Two Ram Auto-Tie Balers
  5. Vertical Balers 

Another consideration to make on top of the volume of recyclables you are working with are the materials. The type of baler you end up choosing will need to be ideal for the material or materials you are looking to bale. Only once you have chosen the ideal baler for your company can you see a profit out of your waste and a reduction in your storage and shipping costs. 

Buy Recycling Balers in Vermont

You have two main options when it comes to buying a recycling baler for your business. New, or used. 


New recycling balers in Vermont are the best of their kind, complete with the latest innovations and in full working order. New balers in Vermont are the most pricey option, but when it comes to investing in your company’s future they are your best choice. 


If you need to keep your budget tight or your upfront costs as low as possible, then look for the best-used recycling balers Vermont has to offer. Certified used recycling balers in Vermont work perfectly, and are, therefore, the best choice of investment for those companies who don’t have huge sums in their R&D fund. 

Rent Recycling Balers in Vermont 

This is a great option if you are hosting a big event and want to make money back on the waste produced. Other reasons why you might want to rent recycling balers in Vermont include after a renovation, or as a trial before you commit to buying one. 

Baler Maintenance Services

Whether you rent or buy, you will want a baler service in Vermont on hand. This way if a baler repair Vermont is necessary you can easily call up your repair service and get it fixed before the issue cuts into your profits. 

Compactors in Vermont

We don’t just help you find balers; we can also help you on your search to find the ideal compactor in Vermont that is going to help reduce the volume of your waste down to a fraction of the original size. This can help you save money on transporting your waste due to the small size. 

With top models, including Pre-Crusher Compactors, Self-Contained Compactors, and Vertical Compactors, there is something to suit every businesses requirements. Make use of our helpful price and modal comparisons to ensure you are getting the best deal. 

We Serve All of Vermont

When it comes to finding a Vermont balers dealer for purchase, compactors in Vermont, rentals, or services, we are here to help. Our list of dealers cover the entire state of Vermont, so you can find a local dealer that ticks all the boxes. 

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