Simplifying the process of researching, comparing, buying, and servicing waste balers and garbage compactors.

Our Mission

To make the waste management industry more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.

Does this sound familiar?

You have 10 different tabs open on your computer. Each one shows the product page of a different baler or compactor. Each is from a different manufacturer. And each has slightly different specs.

You flick between pages, trying to pinpoint the variances of each machine, compare prices, and make the best choice for your business.

After all, waste balers and compactors aren’t cheap – and the last thing you want to do is buy one that doesn’t make a loud bang for its buck.

At, we make the process of researching balers and compactors, finding local dealers, and buying a machine that fits your needs, simple.

Our Process

First, you give us an idea of what type of machine you’re looking for and what material you need it to process. Then, we’ll provide you with a list of balers or compactors that match your needs from over 30 industry-trusted manufacturers – each with expert reviews and to-the-point specs.

To make your search for a baler and/or compactor even easier, we allow you to select the machines you’re interested in and then view all of them on a side-by-side comparison chart. Here, you’ll be able to compare the specs of each machine you selected and choose the best one for the job.

Once you find the perfect machine, we’ll get you in contact with a dealer near you and even provide you with follow-up baler and compactor maintenance if you need it.

We’re the most trusted online resource for waste baler and garbage compactor research, reviews, sales, service, and repair.

Supported Manufacturers

American Baler | Harris Baler | Bace Baler & Compactors | Balemaster | Bollegraf | Cram-a-lot (JV Manufacturing) | Excel Manufacturing | G-baler (Godswill) | Harmony Enterprises | International Baler Corp | International Press & Shear (IPS) | Marathon | Maren Engineering | Max-Pak | PTR | Sebright Products | Wastequip | Bramidian | Orwak | | Machinex

Supported Products

Vertical balers | Open End auto-tie balers | Textile vertical balers | Horizontal balers | Closed-door balers | Manual tie balers | Door manual tie balers | Single ram auto-tie balers | Single ram open balers | Full eject closed balers | Two-ram balers

Apartment compactors | Auger compactors | Pre-crusher compactors | Self-contained compactors | Stationary compactors | Transfer compactors | Vertical compactors

We also offer used cardboard balers & commercial waste compactors