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What would a new waste compactor or recycling baler do for your business? Would it increase productivity? Would it put you ahead of the competition? Would it impress your customers who are looking for more environmentally friendly places to buy their goods? Would it make your staff more loyal as they will be proud of what you’re doing? 

It could be all of these things, and more. Which is why, when you’re searching for compactors and balers in Kentucky, you should use our site to compare, contrast, and choose the ideal Kentucky baler and compactor dealer for you. 

Know Your Options:

There are two options when it comes to reducing your waste and disposing of it: 

  • Recycling balers
  • Compactors

Both of these are ideal for businesses that deal with a lot of waste daily but knowing which one is right for you can be hard unless you have our help. We can help you determine what your company needs in terms of the kind of waste you produce, whether this is unsorted waste or cardboard and aluminum. 

Buy New Equipment

If you deal with a lot of recycling, you will want to buy a recycling baler. The first thing that will often come to mind when buying equipment for a business is to buy new, and certainly, if you want new recycling balers in Kentucky, you can search plenty of places to find them. That’s time-consuming and, to be honest, fairly dull, but we can take that pain away and give you all the options in one place. It’s why we’re so useful for business owners who want to find the ideal Kentucky baler dealer for them, and don’t have the time or inclination to search for days on end to get their results. 

Even if you are after a compactor, the great news is that we can help you with this too. Browse all the choices a Kentucky compactors dealer offers from DJB 14 Yard Portable Compactor to a 2.5 Yard Static Compactor with 1100lts Bin Tipper and Short Static compactor in Kentucky and start reducing your waste in size by nearly a third.


Not every business has the funds to buy new recycling balers or compactors in Kentucky outright, and not every business has the work required to use one of these great pieces of equipment on a full-time basis. Buying one would be wasteful, and might even cause problems with cash flow further down the line.

This is why the option to rent balers and compactors in Kentucky is such a good one. Business owners can easily budget for one-off costs if they only have a need for a recycling baler on a now and then basis, or the compactor you use takes up too much space when it isn’t being used. Renting would also give you the ideal way to determine exactly which model is best for you. 

Selling Your Old Baler

Used balers in Kentucky are just as useful as new ones, even if you no longer want to use yours. A Kentucky dealer will actually buy back your used recycling balers so that they can fix them up and re-sell them. This works in everyone’s favor. 

You’ll be rid of an old piece of equipment that you no longer need either because you are ready to upgrade or you no longer need to bale up recycling, the dealer can make a profit on the re-sale, and whoever buys that used balers Kentucky will have a high-quality piece of equipment at a bargain price. 

Getting Your Baler Serviced

Finally, every baler is going to need to be kept well maintained in order for it to work at its best all the time. Regular servicing is a must, and our site can help you find the best baler repair company in Kentucky for pre-emptive servicing as well as when something has gone wrong. 

Comparing in Kentucky Has Never Been Easier 

It’s always best to compare as many Kentucky balers and compactors as possible in order to be sure of getting the best price from a dealer you’re happy to work with. In the past, this has meant many precious hours wasted searching through dozens of different sites. 

Things are different now. Simply search our site for all the best recycling baler and compactor information, and you’ll be sure to find the one that’s right for you. 

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