Closed Door Horizontal Balers

HJA offers three different types of closed door horizontal balers.

  1. Narrow Box (Charge Box width of 28", 30" and 50")
  2. Wide Box (Charge Box width of 41", 48", 50", 60" and 72")
  3. Hinged Sidewall (Charge Box width of 35", 50", 54", 60", and 72")

Industry standard for a closed door baler is once your tonnage goes beyond 30 Tons per month, you should strongly consider removing your existing baling system and look at a closed door baler.

Closed Door Horizontal baler output:
(Closed doors max out at 2-3 bales per hour)

2 bales per hour X  7  hours per day = 14 bales per day
14 bales per day X 22 days a month = 308 bales per month
308 bales per month X 1200 lbs per bale = 185 tons per month


  1. The Narrow Box horizontal baler is normally applied in air system and/or trim waste applications
  2. The Wide Box horizontal baler is normally applied in OCC applications. However, the OCC must be able to fall into the charge box opening without bridging. Also, the wide box can be used to bale high grades and ONP when a fluffer is used.
  3. The Hinged Sidewall baler can be applied for large OCC, high grades, and ONP without a fluffer.

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